June 13, 2024

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Princess Diana's former bodyguard: 'If you had worked that night, you might still be there'

Princess Diana’s former bodyguard: ‘If you had worked that night, you might still be there’

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Diana’s bodyguard, whom she called Rambo, said in an interview that the princess would probably have emptied if he had been with her on the evening of August 31, 1997 in Paris. He says, “We pulled the straw.” Scottish sun.

Lee Sansum's bodyguard

Lee Sansum’s bodyguard © ISOPIX

Lee Sansum (60) and Diana had a very good relationship. She called him Rambo and told him about her greatest fears and plans for the future. However, he wasn’t the one who was with her in the car when she died 25 years ago. In an interview with Scottish sun Sansom recounted how security men put a straw to join Trevor Rhys-Jones, Dodi Al Fayed’s former bodyguard, in the car. But Sansom lost and thus was not allowed to join the couple. He also said that the accident would not have been fatal had he been sitting next to Diana.

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When I heard that she was not wearing a seat belt in the accident, I immediately understood why she did not survive the accident. This should never happen.” However, wearing seat belts was a norm for the family. It was by order of President Mohamed Fayed, Dodi’s father. Although Dodi hated wearing seat belts, I always insisted on them.” But that was not the case now.

Whether he can really save her, Lee Sansum will never know. But his relationship with the princess remains one of the best gifts she can give him. Twenty-five years ago, he also received a letter from Diana. She told me she wanted to thank me for her last vacation in Saint-Tropez Charm to make. I couldn’t believe someone like Diana took the time to write to me.”

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The guy also worked with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sylvester Stallone and football player Pele.

Diana and Dodi before the Paris accident

Diana and Dodi before the Paris accident © ISOPIX