October 4, 2023

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Kim Kardashian is “secretly dating” the mysterious man |  celebrities

Kim Kardashian is “secretly dating” the mysterious man | celebrities

celebritiesKim Kardashian, 42, has a mysterious new love interest, who she affectionately calls “Drop Dead Fred.” Despite her earlier statement that she is not ready to date, Kim has now confirmed that she is enjoying “secret dating” with her new flame.

On a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim shared her little secret with best friend Scott Disick while keeping her new love’s identity a secret. She described Fred as someone who met her criteria, but he wanted to stay under the radar for the time being.

According to Kim, it’s important not to reveal too much of yourself too quickly in a new relationship. “When you’re seen being candid with someone and it doesn’t work out in the end, you almost feel like you have to go along with it because you’re so embarrassed that it went wrong so quickly,” the reality star explains. She also adds, “I’ve learned from my previous relationship that the media made me feel like I was jumping into a serious relationship way too quickly. I just want to sneak a little bit, like there’s something wrong with that.”

Restaurant with a private room

In the episode in question, Kim also reveals that she was introduced to Fred by her friends, after which she traveled to New York to meet him. The couple dined in a restaurant with a private room downstairs, the same place where Kim had an intimate dinner with Pete Davidson, her ex-boyfriend.

Kim hinted at how much her ex Beth knows about the site. “This was where I had a secret dinner with Pete, and he’d probably think, ‘I know what you’re doing,'” she joked. In a behind-the-scenes clip, Kim smiles broadly as she checks her cell phone. The producers say, “That’s a lot of smiling, young lady,” after which Kim admits that Fred sent her a message. However, Fred’s identity remains a mystery at the moment.

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