December 1, 2023

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Simple maintenance turns into bizarre rescue: German garage owner frees trapped turtle |  outside

Simple maintenance turns into bizarre rescue: German garage owner frees trapped turtle | outside

A special discovery in the German city of Heidelberg: Mechanics discovered a turtle in the engine compartment while servicing a Hyundai car. The poor animal was completely stuck.

In the United States, snakes are regularly found under the hood of cars. The reptiles seem to like it there because of the heat, but you never hear anything about the turtles there. However, that’s exactly what a garage employee in Heidelberg – in Germany – found under the hood of a Hyundai brought in for minor maintenance. A mechanic opened the hood and discovered the live animal by pure chance.

He was dragged into the car space by Martin?

Because the turtle was stuck in the engine compartment, the workshop had to contact the animal control center in Rhein-Neckar. Animal rescuer Michael Cyr said the turtle, which is the size of an A4 sheet of paper, was probably stuck in the car for only a few hours. It is not entirely clear how the animal ended up in the engine compartment. “It’s possible that she climbed up herself, or the marten pulled the animal out to eat it later,” says Sahar. “It’s a mystery.”

The Hyundai was lifted to free the turtle. The animal protector then had to dismantle the heat shield, remove the sheet metal parts, and push the engine block aside with a metal bar. This gave him enough room to carefully lift the turtle out of the engine compartment.

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Never seen it before

The turtle was injured before the animal rescuer pulled him from the motorcycle. His tail showed burns and bite marks. Michael Cyr also discovered fly eggs on the animal. The turtle was taken to a veterinarian to be patched up. Everyone hopes that all is well with the animal.

Animal rescuer Sahar says he has never experienced anything like this before. He had already picked snakes and lizards from various car engines, but had yet to pick up turtles.

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