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Singer Hind Al-Arousi talks about her life since idols

Singer Hind Al-Arousi talks about her life since idols

January 11, 2022 – 5:40 pm – Culture


In the musical program “Better than ever”, the viewer gets acquainted with the former participants of talent shows again. Singer Hind Laroussi took third place on the first edition of Idols in 2003, and takes a look back at that eventful period on the show.

After the idols, Hind tells that her life is instantly turned upside down. “It’s had such an impact on my life. I’ve only been able to share that with very few people. Now that we’re here together, it’s so good to talk about it and listen to others how they experienced it, what they did to them,” she says.

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AD writes that idols have changed a lot in Hind’s life. “In six months the kids were banging on the windows, we didn’t have any privacy anymore, it was just crazy. I even needed security to go to shows, but it was a very private time.” When it turned out that she wasn’t in the idol final, Hind thought for a moment that it was over, but later saw that the audience supported her. “I got so much love from the audience, that I thought, ‘I really won, really,’ for myself,” she says. “Ultimately I make music for that. Nobody else.”

Her first record was awarded with a Gold Record and Edison Award. Hind Al-Arousi was then allowed to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest. “It’s so weird when you have so much success and then you are looked at in a certain way. That was so hard. I can no longer trust everyone. I also haven’t communicated with my family for a number of years. It was so fierce.”

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Despite everything, Hind continued to compose music throughout. “I’ve always chosen music, but the price I paid for it was too high.” When presenter Martin Krabbe said she also sought publicity herself through her relationships with Marcel Boejorn and Bryn Bauer, among others, Hind disagreed. “I’ve never looked at it, I get it. It hurt me so much that people saw me as some kind of gold digger. Money is not a motivator in my life, it never was.”