June 3, 2023

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slaughter! Max Verstappen with a neck rug in Australia | distinct

You’ve never seen Max Verstappen so (elegant). In Australia, the Formula 1 driver appeared in a blond neckerchief.

Not that the world champion has suddenly become a hipster. Max Verstappen wore the wig to a match with an Australian broadcasting service.

Then the Dutchman appeared again with his famous coupe and Red Bull cap.

Max Verstappen with a wig.

so hipper? Valtteri Bottas!

No matter how Max Verstappen tries, he won’t get any cooler than Valtteri Bottas.

The Finnish Formula 1 driver has not only been wearing a mustache for quite some time, but also a neck mat. In Australia, he also entered the A.J marcelleke With matching slippers.


Lewis Hamilton is also doing his best.

Max Verstappen’s first win in Australia?

The third Grand Prix of the season will be held in Australia on Sunday. Catch the race live from 7am.

Max Verstappen was unable to win at the Melbourne circuit. Last year’s Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc won, Verstappen retired with fuel problems.

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