April 17, 2024

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Sondos Al-Ahmadi conquers Flanders with humor and heart

Sondos Al-Ahmadi conquers Flanders with humor and heart

February 17, 2024 – 3:00 pm – Morocco


Sundos Al Ahmadi, the 42-year-old Dutch comedian known for her energetic performances, has set her sights on Flanders with the first successful shows of her already behind her tour.

The tour, which covers 24 sites, promises to be an intense period for Sondos Al Ahmadi. Although she did not achieve the highest scores in the TV show “De Slimste Mens,” she gained a large following thanks to her participation in the program, which was reflected in ticket sales.

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Sondos Al-Ahmadi, who already has five shows to her name in the Netherlands, faces the challenge of winning over the Flemish audience. This requires modifications in its presentation. So she decided to take a theatrical and slightly more subdued approach than her Dutch shows. She stresses the importance of minor language adjustments and the need to “just pop” when meeting a Flemish audience for the first time. Her sense of humor is characterized by a direct approach and a big mouth, and she strives to give and receive love, which Sundos Al-Ahmadi considers the essence of comedy.

Despite warnings about the alleged hesitation of the Belgian people, Sundos Al-Ahmadi received a warm welcome in Flanders. She was surprised by the openness and warm interaction with fans, even before she had a chance to take the stage. This positive reception reinforces her belief that shows are not just about laughter, but also about a deeper connection with the audience.

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Sondos Al-Ahmadi is currently focusing on Flanders, where she will continue performing until the summer, while the Netherlands is on a break to avoid overload. At the same time, it is preparing a new show that will start in September and is dedicated to both countries. She is selective in her television appearances and strives to only do projects that will advance her career, such as her return as a jury member in “De Slimste Mens”.