June 21, 2024

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Sony test feature to share PS5 screenshots and videos via PlayStation app – Games – News

Sony is currently allowing a limited number of PS5 users in Japan and Canada to test a feature that allows them to share homemade screenshots and videos via the PlayStation app. It has not been announced when the feature will be available in other countries.

If users enable the new feature via the PlayStation 5’s Settings menu, all screenshots taken since then will be saved to the cloud. To find screenshots in the PlayStation app, the app must be linked to the console. Also, the console must be According to Sony You are idle and the “Keep online” setting must be turned on.

Screenshots remain visible in the application for a maximum of fourteen days. In the meantime, they can be saved to the phone, shared on social media, or sent to PSN friends. Game clips no longer than three minutes long and not recorded in 4K or higher quality can also be sent to the PlayStation app via the cloud. Microsoft has since 2020 Similar function It was implemented in its Xbox app.

According to Sony, some features from this beta version may be missing or modified in the full version. It is not yet known when the full version will be released.

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