February 21, 2024

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Soon Ford will not be allowed to sell cars in Germany

Soon Ford will not be allowed to sell cars in Germany

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In Germany, sales of Ford cars will soon be banned. The US producer will use the chips in cars for which it does not pay a license fee. Then the patent holders went to court. It has now been ruled that there will be a ban on sales, unless the company arranges the licenses in the short term. That’s what he writes in the German weekly Wirtschaftswoche.


A judge in Munich ruled on the ban on sales. Cars currently in dealerships may also be destroyed because Ford is breaking the rules. A total of eight patent holders complained of infringement of mobile communications licenses. The plaintiff in the Munich court was the Japanese patent operator IP Bridge. Ford did not initially comment on the matter to Wirtschaftswoche. The automaker can still appeal the ruling.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the technologies that automakers use in their cars. In addition, more and more lawsuits are being filed by patent holders to make car manufacturers pay licensing fees to use mobile technology. Chips must be built into every car due to the electric motor, but also increasingly take over the entertainment and navigation functions.

Last year Ford sold about 126,400 cars in Germany, an amount amounting to millions of euros. The group was the seventh largest car manufacturer on the German market.