April 17, 2024

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Source: Britain's Thames has dried up "for the first time ever" |  Weather News

Source: Britain’s Thames has dried up “for the first time ever” | Weather News

The Rivers Trust is a river environmental organization in the United Kingdom.

The Thames will begin to flow only about five miles away, near Somerford Keynes. According to Rob Collins of “The Rivers Trust”, it is “a weak current that can hardly be seen”.

That would be the result of the continuing drought in the UK. “With climate change, we can assume that the frequency and severity of such periods of drought and water scarcity will only increase,” Collins said. “That would have a devastating effect on aquatic life.”

It doesn’t look like the situation will change anytime soon. The British Weather Service predicts that the UK heat and drought are not over yet. Next week, no rain is expected, and temperatures could rise again to the mid-30s, especially in the south. However, new records like half a month ago are not present at the moment.

Utilities company Thames Water, which is responsible for public water supply and wastewater treatment in much of England, has not taken any measures yet, such as banning the use of garden hoses. It asks consumers to use tap water responsibly.

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