April 21, 2024

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South Africa, Rhinos with “radioactive” horns to protect from poaching: Isotopes to encourage poachers

I Rhinos Africans They are Radiation To escape Hunting. In South Africa, ResearchersUniversity of Witwatersrand They started a nuclear-based approach to help avoid predators. By introducing harmless levels Radioactive isotopes In the horns of rhinos, researchers aim to easily find them as they move around the country Africans Where they live. In this way they are monitored Displacements Even single rhinos are often preyed upon by God and can be kept under control Hunters. Also, if captured, radioactive horns can be found in other parts of the world due to nuclear traces.

The program has a name Rhizotop project It was developed by the University of South Africa in conjunction with the United States Colorado State University, Russian Atomic Energy Agency Rosattam And with Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa It deals with the administration of nuclear energy in an African country. According to the data Rhizotop ProjectToday, a kilo of ivory is worth about 40,000 euros. A value that endangers these animals: by 2020 according to the South African Department of Forests, Fisheries and Environment South Africa 394 rhinos were captured by poachers. At current rates, wild rhinos could become extinct within ten years. In addition Isotopes Radiation Horns make them less vulnerable and seem to attract less criticism than other tricks like painting. Horns, Which in the past was used to deter poachers.

“The South Africa Provides 90% World population of rhinos. Bitterness of Hunting It was taken by private owners of amazing reserves, national parks and rhinos Speed Both for him Brutality. In recent years, technology has been incorporated in different ways, but the science game may be changing. With more than 10,000 radiation detection devices installed in various ports around the world, experts hope the project will make horn transportation more difficult and significantly increase the chances of horn detection and arrest. Kidnappers“Explain to scholars on the Rhizotop Project website. Horn powder is used in traditional Asian medicine to treat many ailments; According to experts, the increase in current demand is mainly driven by demand Vietnam. In addition to its use in medicine, rhino horn is purchased entirely as its symbol Wealth.

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The first phase of the project began on May 13, 2021 and traces were introduced Isotopes Install And harmless in the horns of two rhinos Igor e Denver, Living in reserve Buffalo George Located at a distance of 35 km from the city Pretoria. Igor e Denver The isotopes will be monitored over the next three months to understand how the animal and its movements interact. Once the project is proven, the technique will be offered to public and private rhinoceros owners on the African continent and around the world. Intellectual property, training and assistance are available free of charge Rhizotop project Conservation organizations that want to use this process to protect animals Hunting.

The latest way to avoid the nuclear approach Hunting And keep Biodiversity African Nation: “The South Africa It is one of the few countries where you can watch ‘Big Five’, viz Leon, Leopard, Rhinoceros, African elephant and African buffalo. We must work hard to sustain this possibility. Bands Hunters They are increasingly using sophisticated methods including Helicopters e Equipment For night vision to observe rhinos. This means that countries and environmental activists need to achieve the same level of technology to tackle the problem, as well as work to reduce demand, ”said the professor. James Larkin of Rhizotop Project.