April 16, 2024

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Spacebuzz takes off from Meppel – RTV Meppel

Spacebuzz takes off from Meppel – RTV Meppel

On Monday, May 8th, the KindPunt Foundation will launch Spacebuzz. On board, the students travel into space with Commander Andre Kuipers. There they experience the effect of the overview through the eyes of an astronaut. They see Earth as a blue oasis of life in a black, inhospitable world. From launch to spectacular landing, the SpaceBuzz mission looks lifelike.

SpaceBuzz is an educational program for seventh graders based on astronaut mission training. As a crew, the students are classically prepared for their space flight and gradually discover about space, Earth, nature, and technology. When this training is successfully completed, SpaceBuzz will come to the school. SpaceBuzz is a rocket vehicle over fifteen meters long equipped with the latest 4D Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Once back on Earth, students work on lessons in which they reflect on what they have experienced through STEM subjects, space travel, and planet Earth. Finally, the students (or new “planet ambassadors”) organize a press conference for their fellow students, parents, and local press where, like real astronauts, they talk about their experiences and plans.

Lessons align with core objectives related to nature, technology, people, society and space. In addition, the program also develops 21st century skills. Lessons are very practical for teachers, including guide and materials for students. All lessons are also supported by an accessible and attractively designed digital learning environment; Mission Control Center.

In this video André Kuipers explains to Mr. Sander what the project is: https://youtu.be/Ypi6Wi0HhQU

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