June 18, 2024

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The new representative of the Pan American Health Organization/WHO presents his credentials to Minister Ramdin-Dagblad Suriname

The new representative of the Pan American Health Organization/WHO presents his credentials to Minister Ramdin-Dagblad Suriname

On Tuesday 23 April, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation Albert Ramdin (BIBIS) presented the credentials of the new WHO/PAHO representative in Suriname, Dr. Lillian Reno Vernon, BIBIS reports received only Thursday, May 4th.

During a brief meeting with the Minister, Reno Vernon indicated that there is good communication with the Minister of Health, Ammar Ramadan. She also indicated that she is aware of the challenges facing the Ministry of Health, such as the lack of financial resources and the lack of specialized nursing staff. doctor. Reno-Vernon confirmed that the region is also facing the same issues.

A health country cooperation program has now been signed, with a focus on strengthening health systems, quality of care, chronic diseases and a healthy lifestyle. In Suriname, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and lung disorders are very common, which, among other things, are the result of a healthy lifestyle.

Minister Ramdin is also familiar with this phenomenon and stressed the need to teach awareness of health and well-being from childhood. “A healthy lifestyle should be taught as a subject that includes school gardens. It is important that we start with the new generation,” the minister added. He also called for paying attention to mental health, especially among young people.

traditional medicines

The Minister also pointed out that there is also a great interest in traditional medicines from our soil and therefore it is recommended that WHO also give traditional medicines a place in pharmacy. China and India are so far into this form of medicine that they are believed to have established an Ayurvedic center.

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Finally, Minister Ramdin indicated that he advocates for a plan for traditional medicines and that funding for that should also be considered. He added that often enough knowledge is available, but people lack the capital to start a business.

On February 28, Dr. Reno Vernon paid an introductory visit to the Department of Health.

During that visit, Minister Ramadan gave a brief introduction to the cooperation between the PAHO and the Ministry in recent years. doctor. Karen Lewis Bell performed the role of the representative of the Pan American Health Organization with dignity. The actress has been in Belize since February 2023.