June 9, 2023

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“You have to look for a long time for a place where everyone meets in this country”

Sociologist Cook Froman researched how our society works for the Bureau of Social and Cultural Planning and came up with a classification into seven groups. He explains to Jonah Falk how he thinks so.

Jonah Falk reads his own story.

Wearing a long brown frock coat, and a leather briefcase on his back, Cook Froman walks from the station in The Hague to the SCP office, invisible in the crowd. While the community as a whole knows much better than most people on the street. the professor. Dr. Cook Froman is a sociologist who sometimes stares into the distance a little gloomily.

Froman seems more interested in numbers than in people. But in his work, man is inseparable from form. The individual does not actually exist in this science, and people and their similarities become visible only from a suitable distance. It approaches sociology mainly in quantitative terms.

In recent years, Froman served as a strategic advisor to SCP on a study that divided the community into seven groups: working upper classAnd The youngest, the richest, the one with the highest incomeAnd Low skilled retireesAnd working middle class

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