July 21, 2024

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SpaceX is letting tourists test out its new spacesuits

SpaceX is letting tourists test out its new spacesuits

Walking takes on a new dimension. Literally, because soon a number of space tourists will be leaving their capsules to float in space.

It has been 64 years since the first human went into space. Meanwhile, we strap high-paid citizens to a rocket to let them experience space. Exciting, but after a “very 2023” period.

Take a space walk

In the summer of 2024 Polaris Dawn mission Leaves. SpaceX is sending four tourists into space on a very special mission. The mission consists of a number of parts, the last of which will surprise you.

First, these four people will reach a height that humans have not yet reached. During the flight, they test, among other things, the effects of flight and space on the human body. They will also test laser communications via Starlink, which will also be used in future missions to the Moon and Mars. The most notable mission received by the four strange citizens.


At some point, the Dragon’s doors will open and passengers will be released into space. Of course they will still be connected to the dragon and they will Special suit He wears.

Walkers will be the first to experience extravehicular activity (EVA) suits developed by Space Extravehicular activity They are a modification of the IVA suits worn inside spacecraft.

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Once back on Earth, the suits must be dry cleaned. The astronauts will wear the suit throughout the five-day journey. This is necessary because the Dragon does not have an airlock and when the doors open the entire cabin loses pressure.

It remains remarkable that SpaceX is conducting this test(s) with paying passengers. You might say that for the first time in space in such a suit, a trained astronaut would be the best choice.

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