May 30, 2023

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Spanish version of ‘Masterchef’ causes massive food poisoning: 44 diners go home sick

Chefs Samantha Vallejo-Najera, Pepe Rodriguez and Jordi Cruz make up the Spanish Masterchef jury.© Getty Images

The makers of the Spanish version of the TV show “Masterchef” have publicly apologized after more than 40 people developed food poisoning from the dishes they were served.

The Spanish version of the popular cooking show was recently a guest at L’Oceanogràfic in Valencia. The employees of this large aquarium were allowed to enjoy the dishes stocked by the participants in the cooking show. On the menu were fish and shellfish such as sea bass, clams and mussels. For dessert, guests were served Japanese cheesecake with algae.

Maybe the seafood wasn’t quite fresh or the chefs were in a rush to prepare their dishes that weren’t fully cooked. The fact is that 44 eaters got sick. The Spanish newspaper reported that the symptoms ranged from stomach flu to food poisoning El Pais.

Shine Iberia Producer chefIn a statement, she expresses her regrets, but maintains that this is the first incident in over eleven years that the program has been put into operation. The Spanish government launched an investigation into the causes of the accident.

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