February 28, 2024

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Spatial Policy Plan Participation Process Takes Eighteen Months (Bornem)

Spatial Policy Plan Participation Process Takes Eighteen Months (Bornem)


The municipality of Bornem will work on a new spatio-political plan. The accompanying counseling procedure, which begins on Tuesday, will take more than a year and a half. The final plan will then be submitted to the City Council in March 2024. This policy plan provides a global view of how the entire municipality will develop over a long period of time in the field of spatial planning: where to live, where to relax, and where to green and water.

Guy Delforge

Blik op Bornem 2040 is the name of the project carried out by the Municipal Council of Bornem with the involvement of its residents in the development of a new spatial political plan. This policy plan consists of a strategic vision and a set of policy frameworks. The strategic vision includes a vision for the future and an overview of important long-term policy options, and policy frameworks describe actions and have a shorter duration.

three stages

“We want to work with our residents in a municipality where everyone can find a space to live, work, relax and meet,” says Mayor Greet De Bruyne (CD&V). The counseling will take place in three phases, the first phase of which will begin on Tuesday 1 November with an online survey. “In that first phase, residents can participate in an online survey,” says Caitlin van Ruiskensvelde, Head of Communications, Engagement and Events. “We are happy to assist people who are not at hand with a computer or smartphone. They can call 03890 69 21 and make an appointment in the service area. Starting this weekend, we will be distributing a flyer in all mailboxes to announce the participation process to our residents.”

“We want to work with our residents to create a municipality where everyone can find a space to live, work, relax and meet,” says Mayor Gret de Bruyne. © BELGA

“The online questionnaire takes ten minutes to fill out and can be completed until December 5. With this input, we arrive at a common introductory design,” says De Bruyne. Then, in the second stage, dialogue cafes or discussion evenings are organized. “We present the initial draft of a spatial policy plan there and draw it to the sub-municipalities for this. In addition to a drink, we provide accessible and citizen-tailored information during the dialogue cafés,” says Matchtilde Julie, Head of the Environment Department.

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In the third stage, the public inquiry is conducted and residents and interested parties can submit opinions or objections. It is returned to the Municipal Committee for Spatial Planning (Gecoro), which formulates advice on this.

Local Council

Of course, the municipal council also plays its role in this procedure. During this process, feedback is submitted to the municipal council twice. In June 2023, councilors can provide feedback for the first time. The plan will be submitted for final City Council approval in March 2024. Thereafter, the plan can be used as a benchmark for the qualitative and sustainable use of the space in Burnim.

The survey can be completed from 1 November