December 1, 2023

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Spurza will soon serve Barcelona-Napoli: "Winning the Europa League for the first time is a great goal for Barcelona" Europa League

Spurza will soon serve Barcelona-Napoli: “Winning the Europa League for the first time is a great goal for Barcelona” Europa League

On Thursday evening you can enjoy the first Europa League match between Barcelona and Napoli in Spurs. Just before leaving for Camp Nou, commentator Philip Goss looked forward to the match. “It’s a great goal for Barcelona to win the European League for the first time,” says Jos.

For years, Barcelona have been a regular customer in the Champions League, and now they are acting at the second European level after the winter. When asked how long it has been since Barcelona reappeared on the public broadcaster, Philip Goss didn’t have to think long. “From 2006, the Champions League final against Arsenal,” he sounds assertive.

“I was on the field as a parting gift because we knew we had lost the Champions League broadcast rights. So it was a bit funeral, but it was great to be a part of it.”

“The fact that it’s been so long since we’ve been watching Barcelona at Spurs is in itself a reason to watch, but of course because it’s an exciting game. Barcelona is in a state of complete rebuilding.”

I’m curious how full the Camp Nou will be. It would be the wrong attitude for the fans to turn their noses up in the Europa League.

Philip Goose

“I was recently at Barcelona and Atletico, and that was a great match. The purchases paid off and the way Barcelona played football in the first half, I really saw what coach Xavi wanted. Point. He is up and down, typical of a team in reconstruction.”

“I have high expectations. I am also curious how perfect the Camp Nou will be. It would be a wrong attitude for the fans to change their noses in the Europa League. If you can score only twice in 6 Champions League games it is the Europa League at the moment your level.”

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“Barcelona have never won the European Cup or the Europa League. That in itself is a beautiful goal. It reminds me a bit of Jose Mourinho, who always looked down on the Europa League until he won it with Manchester United. It doesn’t feel too good for it when you are Barcelona.”

“If Barcelona succeeds in qualifying, they will be the favorites for the Europa League”

With Napoli, still Dries Mertens’ team, they will face the current number 3 Barcelona in the Italian League on Thursday. “It’s a really good team,” says Philip Goss.

“I also want to see Victor Osimhen at work at the Camp Nou. He grew up in Charleroi, that’s a beautiful story. In Naples you also have Kalidou Koulibaly (formerly Genk). Mertens dries up.”

What does a Belgian football fan expect from the Red Devil on Thursday night? “I think there’s a good chance he’ll be on the bench. Osimhen is now the number 1 striker. That’s no disgrace to Mertens. Osimhen is a completely different kind, but he performs well.”

When the Dries Mertens comes along, he’s still chasing something through the match. He still has great moments.

Philip Goose

“I expect Napoli not to comment too much about 16 for Barcelona in Barcelona. So I see Mertens playing a role in the first leg. If he has already proven that there are other options as well.”

“Note: When Mertens comes on, he’s still chasing something during the match. He still has great moments,” says Joos.

Is the winner from Barcelona and Napoli also the favorites for the Europa League? “If Barcelona manage to qualify, I have a lot of reservations about Napoli. They definitely want to go to the Champions League. But it’s also been proven before that the favorites don’t always stick to it. There are still good teams in the Champions League and the Europa League.” “

Watch the match tomorrow on Canvas and Sporza: