May 28, 2024

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Standard and KV Mechelen share the cake after a scoreless match

Standard and KV Mechelen share the cake after a scoreless match


KV Michelin

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Jupiler Pro League – Round 5 – 04/23/24 – 20:30

AA Gent became the big winner in the match between Standard and KV Mechelen in the European qualifiers. KV Mechelen failed in Liège and can be happy to still get a point. Standard is still waiting for its first win in the playoffs.

Standard – KV Mechelen in short:

  • Man of the match: Gaëtan Coucke almost single-handedly ensured that Standard missed out on victory. He kept Kanga (2x), Palekewesha and Kwabe from the first goal and kept another clean sheet. No. 11 this season, only Jan Botez and Martin Vandevoordt top them with 12.
  • Key moment: Fifteen minutes before the end, Cook had to surrender. With a lovely deflection from a low cross from Djenepo, Kanga looks on his way to a 1-0 scoreline, but Cubot is able to save KV Mechelen just before the goal line.
  • distinct: KV Mechelen clearly doesn't fit the criteria. In their last 9 exchanges, the Rouches have only managed to beat KV Mechelen once and lost 6 times.

Standard misses chances

In a lackluster first half, only the Standard fans set off fireworks. After 12 minutes of silent protest at the poor results, some of the home team's supporters left the goal behind Gaetan Cook's goal. Flares were thrown onto the pitch and referee Michel Allerts had no choice but to temporarily stop the match.

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Just before that, Bassett had scored for KV Mechelen, but his goal was ruled out for offside. Only half an hour later Standard also came close to scoring. After good work from Yeboah, Kwabe was able to score freely inside the penalty area. Poor control of the ball by the Japanese and good intervention by Fullon canceled the opportunity.

Five minutes later, Baliquicha also had a great chance. Once again, Yeboah was the leader with great movement, but although Balikwesha had time and space in front of goal, he was unable to get the ball past the posts.

The best opportunities remained for Standard. On a corner kick, the ball got stuck on the first post and Kanga managed to shoot the ball away, but Cook saved KV Mechelen in two minutes.

Coucke and Cobbaut keep KV Mechelen afloat

In the second half, KV Mechelen barely appeared. Standard was in charge, but failed to capitalize on that dominance. Cook was more than once a bogeyman to the people of Liège. An hour later, he made an excellent save against a dangerous long shot from Balikwesha.

Ten minutes later it was Kwabe who came close to making it 1-0 with a clever shot, but once again the KVM goalkeeper spoiled Standard's fun with a clever reaction. Even when Kawabe took on the role of announcer and Kanga was allowed to finish from close range, Coucke kept KV Mechelen afloat.

That was not the case for Standard, because when Cook was beaten on Kanga's attempt, Cubot saved the ball off the goal line. Deep into extra time, substitute Perica was also allowed to try it from close range. Koke's fingertips prevented a late winner.

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Hassi and Lekou in unison: “Standard deserved to win”

  • Besnik Hasi (coach of KV Mechelen): “We were the better team in the first half. Unfortunately, our goal was offside. In the second half we still had good possession for the first ten minutes, but then we stopped playing football. Standard were then the better team.” “It's been a while.” Since we've been able to keep clean sheets in defence, we've had a hard time doing so. “Our substitutions no longer help, and us no longer getting into our game does not change our ambitions, because we will play at home after that.”
  • Ivan Leko (Coach Standard): “We deserved more today. We were the better team, with more chances, better football and more energy. Moreover, against a strong team, one of the best teams in 2024. Especially in the second half, we deserved more, and it's a shame we didn't.” that”. We have already shown in several matches against strong teams that we can handle any team if we are 100% ready. “I can't blame the players. They did a lot and did a lot faster. We're not winning again, and on the other hand we haven't lost four games now.”

Stage after stage


Standard's fourth straight draw in European qualifiers. Based on the chances, the Liège side deserved to beat minnows KV Mechelen, but some excellent saves from Koke and a decisive tackle from Cubot on the goal line decided otherwise. KV Mechelen sees KAA Gent, who took full spoils from STVV, move up to 6 points.

In fact, another substitution from the visitors and it leads to a corner kick. It no longer leads to opportunity.

Extra time is almost over. The standard once again goes out of its way. Will KV Mechelen hold up?

Yellow for Bolingoli

After Walsh, Bolingoli now also receives a yellow card. When he comes in and gets a yellow card, Hassi won't want to see that happen.

My cleat can rest. He was replaced by Pavdeli. Foulon is also taken to the side, and Bolingoli is allowed to complete the final stage.

Going out to my stall?

Almorabti is no longer able to continue, and has to deal with convulsions. So it seems. Leko takes advantage of the delay to bring Perica to Yeboah's team.

Time is slowly running out for Standard, if they are to secure their first win in European qualifying tonight. KAA Gent is a smiling third at the moment and, during his visit to STVV, is still on his way to getting another three-pointer.

Yellow for

Only now did referee Michel Allerts show his first yellow card of the match. She's rooting for Sandy Walsh, of all people, a player who just took the field.

Cobot saves on the line!

The ball won't go to Standard. After a few steps, Genepo sent the ball low. Kanga deflects the cross at the near post into the goal in no time. Coucke was beaten, but Cobbaut saved KV Mechelen on the line.