July 21, 2024

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Stellantis will release hydrogen trucks from Opel and Citroën in the NL in 2023 – photo and sound News

I won’t go with you on that. For the average car driver who drives average commuting distances and comes home in the evening, I’m OK. This is the biggest part. But there is a group (which we used to call diesel boot) who drive great distances and many kilometers (up to 60 thousand per year) for whom the electric car is a complete disaster. I recently traveled to Milan for work. I’d rather not do it by plane, even by car. According to Google Maps, that is, 1000 km, then the travel time is 10 hours 45 minutes. For convenience, I add about 2 hours delay (rest periods, refueling, and lunch). So I drive it in one day. Using an electric car, I got to Lucerne due to charging problems (pole busy, pole not immediately found, etcetera). Result: From now on, I always charge 1.5 times Google travel time for trips over 500km. at least. I can tell you, if you put the environment first, you’ll pay for it, but from a business standpoint, that’s frustrating. The infrastructures in the NL, the Nordic countries and Switzerland are excellent. Germany is fine, Italy, Spain and France are disastrous for me. So I think you should not do a comparison between an electric car and a hydrogen car, but rather compare a diesel / petrol / PHEV with a hydrogen car, because they are compatible in terms of flexibility and ease of use. An electric car can only be compared within a limited radius.

Plus another topic: A vehicle designed for compact transportation (such as a truck) will consume a lot more energy with more weight, resulting in a heavier battery pack, which leads to more tire wear. If we make each compact tanker 500kg heavier as a result of the battery pack, it will have an impact on tire wear. This, in turn, gives microplastics into the environment, which is very harmful, see over here . Because of both of the above, I’d prefer to go with a dual model: electric where possible and hydrogen when necessary.

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