April 16, 2024

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‘Stranger Things’ Creators Share Hint About Final Season (And Worried Fans): ‘I’m Worried’ |  showbiz

‘Stranger Things’ Creators Share Hint About Final Season (And Worried Fans): ‘I’m Worried’ | showbiz

televisionAccording to the creators of the hit series Stranger Things, fans should prepare for the fifth and final season. On Twitter, they lifted an (ominous) tip from Veil… “Season 5 is like seasons 1 and 4 having a baby.”

The patience of “Stranger Things” fans is being seriously tested. Earlier, it became known, thanks to actor David Harbor (aka Sheriff Jim Hopper) who was a guest at Middle East Film & Comic Con, that filming for the new season will begin in June. So it will be a while before fans get to enjoy the Netflix series finale. But this does not prevent decision-makers from stirring up the masses here and there …

New season hints

In a meeting in Los Angeles, Ross and Matt Duffer—the Duffer Brothers—described the finale as follows: “The final season is really a balancing act between giving the characters time to complete their character lines and also tying up loose ends from what we see,” said Ross. What a culmination of all seasons.” It was added that the executives at Netflix were very moved when they read the script. “The story is so moving that it made our bosses cry. That says a lot, because the only other times I’ve seen them cry was at budget meetings.” That really counts.

But the writers still want to go the extra mile. On Twitter, it goes something like this: “Season 5 is like Seasons 1 and 4 having a baby. And then…that baby was injected with steroids.” The fans are holding their breath. “What I’m hearing is Will Byers is going to get his well-deserved screen time again, but that makes it hurt,” he says, among other things. “I am so worried”, “Should I feel good after reading this?” There are also plenty of theories circulating, so is it a “coincidence” that the makers shared this tip the day before Will’s birthday?

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look. Trailer for “Stranger Things” Season 4.

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