July 20, 2024

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Strong criticism of Prince Harry after his speech to the United Nations: “God knows why they invited him”

Strong criticism of Prince Harry after his speech to the United Nations: “God knows why they invited him”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, traveled to New York on Monday to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day. They attended a special UN meeting, and Harry even sat behind the podium to give a speech himself. This discourse went in all directions, from the war in Ukraine to abortion to poverty in Africa and the relationship between his mother Diana and Nelson Mandela. He concluded his speech by saying: “It is a painful year in a painful century.”

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But Harry’s speech was not to everyone’s taste. For example, there was strong criticism from Nigel Farage, a former member of the European Parliament and British politician. “I am so glad Prince Harry spoke about poverty in Africa. A man who has never had to work a day in his life, has a private jet and signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix. He is now talking about poverty in Africa, isn’t he?” GB . news. “God knows why they called him. He spoke. He talked about abortion legislation and the attack on democracy. But I think he and his wife are referring to any candidate they don’t support or don’t like.”


Farage was not alone in his criticism. Also Aspasia Krass, columnist at Sunday times, writes the check to Harry doesn’t really understand. “Like Mandela, he has been through a lot. As he told Oprah, his family and the British press made it very difficult for him and his beautiful wife Megan.” “All they wanted was the role of an actor. And he brought a great form of management to the elegant mansion. And what do they get as great B-star actors for their efforts at world peace? Trouble. They had no choice but to leave, it was too much.”

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“Harry also lives in exile,” Krass continues with her ironic comparison. “Just like Madiba (Title of Nelson Mandela, ed.).. No, sorry, he’s been imprisoned on Robben Island for 27 years. But it’s just the same. Dan type. Harry is trapped in his gilded pleasure mansion in Montecito with a podcast recording schedule and a documentary team following it up. So, yes, I think Harry was the perfect choice, given that the United Nations is an effective organization for world peace. I am delighted that he was able to shine the spotlight in the global spotlight on such an important day, as we celebrate the sacrifices that Mandela made for all of us and for our rights. But mostly for Harry’s right to his security team. You will learn that.”


The loudest voice was Piers Morgan, a columnist for the sun. He also believes that Harry and Mandela cannot be compared at all. “Mandela was intelligent, brave, devoted to family and country, humble, principled and inspiring. Harry is as dumb as a rock, arrogant and astonishingly hypocritical, he abandoned his country and his family and inspires no one. He will not understand a principle if you hit him with it.”