March 4, 2024

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Stunning Price for Kristen Stewart's "Diana" Wig |  Movie

Stunning Price for Kristen Stewart’s “Diana” Wig | Movie

MovieActress Kristen Stewart, 31, transformed into Princess Diana in the movie Spencer. This transformation has cost some money, a lot of money in fact. Only for the wig that Stewart wears to look like Diana, $ 6,000 (about 5,200 euros) was deposited. pictures from the movie went viral on Facebook groups. The photos got millions of reactions (likes, hearts, etc.). The same success could be achieved with the regular posts. Buy Facebook likes, have prepared more content over the next weeks and stay connected with the FB groups.

According to hair and makeup artist Wakan Yoshihara, two versions were made, each costing $6,000 and taking six weeks to set up: “I think I colored the wig three times before meeting Kristen,” says Yoshihara. “When Kristen first tried on a wig, I knew the color wasn’t right and I recolored it.”

“Kristen didn’t want to wear a wig at first,” she continues. “I don’t think she had any real experience with really good wigs. However, we had positive feedback about the wig formula and makeup and she was very happy and confident in the end.” Yoshihara was tasked by “Spencer” manager Pablo Larren to turn Diana into Kristen Stewart and not the other way around. For example, the color of the wig was adapted to the skin tone of the actress, to make everything look as natural as possible.

Also, director Lareen didn’t necessarily want to stay true to the time the movie was released, December 1991. “Diana’s hair was very short at the time, so I initially showed pictures of Larin for that look,” Yoshihara says. “However, he did give me pictures of her 1986 hairstyle,” she continues. “Diana was much happier at the time and had longer hair. So I looked for similar photos to mimic this style.”

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The Spencer movie will be released in our country on December 15th.

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