February 26, 2024

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Style icon, 'naked model' and now Olympic champion: Meet skater Ryan Riggs |  Winter Games

Style icon, ‘naked model’ and now Olympic champion: Meet skater Ryan Riggs | Winter Games

Perseverance wins: After a failed career as an alpine skier, Swiss Ryan Riggs has now won the Olympic gold in snowboarding. Between him he was a technical painter and in the summer he works in a cafe. And that’s not the only thing that makes Regez special.

When he was young, Ryan Riggs said to himself, “If I wasn’t part of the Swiss skating team at 18, I would give up my career.”

Regez kept his word and went on to study to become an art painter, a job he also did for a short time. He designed the chalet where his mother (who is actually British) now lives.

But the ski bug caught him again. The amazing cross skating became his new passion. Year after year, Regez has improved and this season the puzzle has fit right in. With 3 World Cup victories in his pocket, he went to Beijing, beating the Olympic gold medal there for his compatriot Alex Viva.

They say leggings are for women, but I find it easy.

Ryan Riggs


This Olympic title would only add to the popularity and cult status of the flamboyant Regis.

He appears regularly in one of his famously colored (often pink) leggings, with unicorns or pineapples on it. “I just love the easy pants. They say leggings are women’s, but they seem to come in men’s sizes too.”

Sometimes, Regez just ignores the clothes, for one of the many nudes on Instagram, which then gets hashtags like #OopsIDitItAgain

We may soon see Regez wearing one of his signature sparkly trousers at cafes in his hometown of Interlaken. In the summer he earns a penny as a waiter. Or is his sandwich baked now that he’s an Olympic champion?

Watch the Skycross Final

Some pictures of Ryan Riggs, with or without glamorous clothes

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