February 27, 2024

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Suddenly it seems like everyone on social media is wearing something expensive Prada.  what is going on?  |  Nina

Suddenly it seems like everyone on social media is wearing something expensive Prada. what is going on? | Nina

Prada seems to be the brand you should buy today. The Italian brand's popularity has risen sharply on social media and fashion rankings in recent months. Everyone seems to be wearing their €1,800 IT bag or wearing their €310 sunglasses. Expensive but very popular: how does the brand do it?

Fashion lovers wait almost religiously every three months for the so-called “Lyst Index”. The fashion platform analyzes searches, sales figures, and social media activity to find out what keeps fashion lovers busy. They just released their latest report and Prada clearly takes the cake. The Italian fashion house is back after it was never absent, because Prada was also in first place three times in the past.

According to Lyst itself, Prada creates high-quality items that respond to emotion. “Prada sets the mood,” they write. “And their thoughtful, cohesive collections are driving demand around the world.”

The contemporary fashion brand started in Milan in 1913 and is known for its contemporary clothing for both men and women. Miuccia Prada, the creative mind behind the brand, designs comfortable, high-quality and ultra-chic clothing with a simple and progressive look. This is catching up.

The Italian brand has been searched for by 41 percent online in recent months alone. It is and remains the most influential fashion house. Even if the jacket costs you 2,800 euros and the belt costs you 580 euros. He talks a lot about Prada. How did this happen?

The power of social media (and expensive gifts for influencers)

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Social media also plays a major role in this popularity. Prada products have recently been seen a lot among Instagram influencers and users of the video app TikTok. Sales figures also increased in this way. This summer, you may have seen sunglasses from the fashion house at festivals or on the beach. Angled sunglasses with a large Prada logo on the side were a particularly big hit. And the price? About 310 euros.

Or how about a handbag studded with real diamonds? the Small hobo bag, one of Prada's icons, has been relaunched in a luxurious satin version embellished with crystals and decorated with the distinctive enamel triangle logo. The handbag can be seen everywhere on social media: its €1,800 price tag is clearly no deterrent. Meanwhile, Prada is also giving away several bags for free to influencers. Because image is everything.

But Prada doesn't just focus on clothes and accessories. The brand continues to reinvent itself and show its versatility by co-designing the astronaut suit for NASA's Artemis III mission in 2025. Prada wants to prove that it is not alone in this matter. High fashion, but it can also cross boundaries. It remains to be seen how the Italians will handle this combination of style and function. The spacesuit will not be launched until later.

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But Prada has (cheaper) competition.

In addition to the biggest designer brands, Lyst also analyzes the specific items that are most popular each year. The Row's Margaux bag is at number one, and Victoria Beckham's iconic Buckle Belt also seems to be a timeless highlight. Moreover, this time there are also products at a significantly lower price on the list.

Like the Adidas Country OG sneakers for 110 euros. This makes a big difference with number three: Kitten heels You can buy Miu Miu from Farfetch for €990. UGG is also on the rise: Soft Tasman boots dominate the street scene during the winter months. For this they received a well-deserved sixth place from Lyst. Skims, Kim Kardashian's underwear brand, has become even more popular: it has risen three places in the ranking of well-known brands.

Lyst Index Q4 2023. © rack

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