April 14, 2024

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Surprise all around: After a clip in "K2 Looking for K3," international superstar James Blunt also auditioned for "The Voice of Germany" |  showbiz

Surprise all around: After a clip in “K2 Looking for K3,” international superstar James Blunt also auditioned for “The Voice of Germany” | showbiz

Attractive appearance in Germany’s voice LAST NIGHT: British pop star James Blunt surprised everyone by joining the blind auditions. Previously, the “You’re Beautiful” singer also appeared Quarter-finals of “K2 Looking for K3”.

He is a global superstar who has been in the music business for 16 years, has sold 23 million albums and done 6 world tours. In short, he is easily more famous than the four coaches of the German version the sound: Nico Santos, Mark Forster, Sarah Connor, and Johannes Oerding. Nevertheless, the Briton decided to participate in a talent show.

“I have been at home for over a year. My hands are eager to play again,” the singer explains before his audition. With a wink: “I hope I can still remember the lyrics, and the vocal cords are still working. Maybe I should have trained a little beforehand. And what if they don’t like it? If I don’t continue, what should I tell the people at home? I’ll be ashamed.” Blunt – a notorious Joker, who isn’t averse to a healthy dose of self-mockery – continues: “No, I have to. I need the money. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be back.”

a standing ovation

Wearing a blue shirt and jeans, he then accompanies himself to the piano while playing the opening notes of his world song”Farewell my love’ (It was streamed 225 million times on Spotify.) His distinct voice makes the first two instructors turn almost instantly, followed by the other two a few seconds later. When they see who is auditioning, a surprise falls from their faces. He gets a standing ovation.

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“After the first second I knew who was singing behind me and I was incredibly moved,” explains Nico Santos. After the performance, coach Sarah Connor asks in desperation if James Blunt was really doing the audition. He explains the story: “I was a professional musician, traveling around the world and then this virus came, Corona and I was at home. I don’t have work. So the concert for four is very nice to me, I am very happy.” He’s got a laugh on his hand. “But the question is, are you done?” , still appears. The four judges shout “Yes” from the bottom of their hearts.

But then the monkey comes out of the sleeve: the other participants have nothing to fear from the pop star, because he will not actually participate in the talent show. He promises to perform again in the TV show, during the final match.

Why did Blunt suddenly appear everywhere? His new album, The Stars Beneath My Feet, will be released on November 19 and he is busy with a promotional tour to bring attention to this record. Curious where we’ll see him appear…

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