April 21, 2024

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Prince Harry under pressure to break Netflix contract: 'Which is more important: money or his mother's honor?'  |  Property

Prince Harry under pressure to break Netflix contract: ‘Which is more important: money or his mother’s honor?’ | Property

PropertyRoyal experts are sounding the alarm: “Harry must cancel his multi-million dollar contract with Netflix out of respect for his mother.” These harsh words come after Jemima Khan (47) has discontinued the script for the fifth season of the Netflix series ‘The Crown’. A close friend of the late Princess Diana was not happy with the way Diana’s story was handled.

In 2019, film producer Jemima Khan was asked to assist series producer Peter Morgan with the script for The Crown. The new season also focuses on the last years of Diana’s life, before her 1997 death in a car accident in Paris. She told the Sunday Times that the princess’ story was not being treated with “respect or sympathy” as Khan had hoped.

Jemima with Princess Diana.


“I thought it was important that the last years of my girlfriend’s life be properly and carefully depicted, as it wasn’t always the case in the past,” she says. Once she realized that the story was going in a direction she didn’t agree with, she claimed that her contribution would be deleted and attributable. According to a spokesperson for the series, Khan has been a “friend, fan and supporter of The Crown” since its inception. The spokeswoman told the Sunday Times that she never signed a contract as a writer, but did provide information on the series.

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Now that Khan has stopped cooperating, royalty experts believe Prince Harry should break his million-dollar deal with Netflix apparently “he has to defend his mother”. “What is most important? Money or defending his mother? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a deal with the streaming service last year for their new production company to produce documentaries, films, shows and programs for children.

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