May 31, 2024

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Take your event to the next level at Next Qube

Take your event to the next level at Next Qube

Creative development

In Next Qube as a public space, you will find three large screens, a stage and seating for 750 guests. Ann says: “If you are expecting more visitors to your conference or product presentation, we will connect the room to the adjoining booth for more capacity. This space is particularly well suited as an inspiration arena, food court or gallery floor. All spaces are versatile and therefore perfect for your unique event.” Whether this is for a supplier or business team meeting.This modern and sustainable location guarantees the necessary impact.Informal meetings or business events, there is plenty of room for your creative development.

Wide range, intimate atmosphere

The name Next Qube is a nod to the space’s geometric design. By describing its dimensions as decidedly large, but because it is functionally and attractively furnished, Qube Next still feels closed and intimate. In addition, this room has amazing technical facilities, for example, 4K broadcasting and sound and light shows. that. Your live, online or hybrid team party, corporate presentation or exhibition event is easily scalable with us.

As new technologies allow, for example, international speakers to be present virtually, they are more accessible than ever before. This also greatly increases the reach of your event. Guests who, for whatever reason, are physically present can experience the event from their own environment.

The following Qube seems to be the ideal location for SnelStart Pleasant

SnelStart is someone who made the most of the space on Next Qube. Every year they bring together hundreds of colleagues from the world of management and accounting to exchange knowledge and network. The program consists not only of a full part, but also of a trade fair arena and separate sessions. Maureen Rollink, Project and Events Leader at SnelStart says: “Last year we started searching for the perfect location for our event, SnelStart Aangenaam. Not an easy search due to the varied programme. In the next Qube from Midden Nederland Hallen we found exactly what we needed: a large but attractive space with enough options Next Qube gave us the space to accommodate both the public portion and the SnelStart arena. There was also plenty of room for our breakout sessions. This combined with the central location made it a perfect location for us. For our next edition, we are in talks again to give our guests a great day.

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Text: Natalie Schalke