May 26, 2024

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Tax law in the United States, pro-Cuban PTC and 15% increase

Tax law in the United States, pro-Cuban PTC and 15% increase

August is (almost) behind us. What happened around Bitcoin? You can read it in this monthly perspective.

The price of bitcoin

Starting at the price. The price opened at about $ 41,800 per month, but soon experienced a significant recovery.

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The price continued to fluctuate up to $ 50,000, but this psychological barrier could not be overcome.

Closed about $ 47,000 per month. Another about 15% increase!

Tax law in the United States

The most talked about news happened in the first weeks of the month. Bitcoin was discussed at the Centaur in the United States. Reason: The Infrastructure Bill, Some politicians wanted to release a large sum. The problem is that this will only get worse for bitcoin miners, node owners and software developers in the future.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. That compromise will not cover the entire Wikipedia industry under the same umbrella of new rules.

But in reality, 87-year-old Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) Put an end to it. The politician wanted a higher budget for ‘security’.

El Salvador arrangements

At the same time, El Salvador is preparing for the implementation of the Bitcoin Act. For example, the Central Bank of Central America has issued guidelines for the country’s banks and financial service providers. This is about two documents:

In addition, President Bukele shared additional information about the role of the government. They are set to open 200 ATMs and 50 offices belonging to Chivo Wallet. There is more Development Bank The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) said it would provide the country with the necessary ‘technical assistance’.

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Bitcoin for German Finance

Also, a large German fund is now allowed to put 5% Bitcoin (BTC) in their portfolio. It Goes $ 164 million to the Neuberger Berman Commodity Strategy Fund. These funds may divert their attention between the future and other BTC related funds.

So it is not directly in the BTC market, but is allowed to invest in investment products. Previously, Newberger was involved in German bitcoin and ether (ETH) exposure. But finance chooses a bitcoin-only route.

Many laws have gained access to bitcoin through the new law. About 4,000 investment funds have been allowed to add PTC to their portfolio since August 2 this year. These types of funds have assets of about $ 1.2 trillion. 20% of that capital can go to Bitcoin.

Important Dutchmen

Bitcoin shared its research findings and their views on Bitcoin among 1,000 Dutch people last month. See some other results below:

  • 15% of Dutch people expect to invest in bitcoin next year, 19% in Belgium and 37% in Germany.
  • In addition, 54% of Dutch respondents said their knowledge of bitcoin was ‘poor’ or ‘very bad’. So get to work in the store!
  • This also turns out to be the main reason for not investing in Bitcoin. 39% of those surveyed say they do not know enough about it. Another important argument is that they think Bitcoin does not have adequate security.
  • The Dutch are also very important. 44% of those surveyed associate bitcoin with a negative one. 34% neutral and 23% positive.

Football clubs keep stepping

At the same time, many Dutch bitcoin companies entered into partnerships with all kinds of football clubs. Knaken was able to collaborate with Bitcoin Meester, BLOX and AnycoinDirect, among others, Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, AZ and NEC.

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Cuba heats up for bitcoin

Cuba, meanwhile, seems to be secretly crawling on the rise of El Salvador. The country wants to control bitcoin as a means of payment. It seems from one Resolution The country’s central bank (BCC)

It states that financial institutions or other law firms may only exchange virtual assets with each other for financial or business transactions. They describe a virtual property as ‘a good thing that can be traded or digitally converted and used for money or investments’.

Apple changes policy

Apple is about to change its App Store policy. This is the result of a legal solution, and it would be good for Bitcoin (and especially for the Lightning Network).

The solution proposed from a class action lawsuit, called a class action lawsuit, is that utility makers should add payment options to themselves. Payments can be handled outside the App Store, no longer through the internal system.

App developers outside of Apple allow handling of these purchases via emails with customers. For example, they can save up to 30% on costs, for example by using Bitcoin.

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