March 4, 2024

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The last American soldier left Kabul

The last American soldier left Kabul

The U.S. military has released a photo of the last U.S. soldier to leave the Afghan capital, Kabul. The withdrawal was completed one day earlier than expected.

Major General Chris Donahue of the 82nd Air Force will go down in history as the last American soldier to leave Afghanistan, and twenty years after the United States arrived, things got out of hand.

Photo-night vision mirrors the boarding of the Donahue C-17 transport plane that departed from Kabul Airport just before midnight. “The last American soldier is leaving Afghanistan,” the U.S. Central Command said on Twitter, among other things.

Donahue is one of more than 775,000 U.S. troops sent to Afghanistan by the United States over the past two decades. He was assigned a month ago for security at Kabul airport, but has previously served in Afghanistan, completing missions in Iraq, Syria, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

With the exception of Donahue, Ross Wilson, the ambassador to Afghanistan, was the last to board the transport plane. Foreign Minister Anthony Blingen said the diplomatic presence in Kabul was now “suspended”. The operations will be transferred to Qatar. Contacts with the Taliban will be made from there with others.

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