March 28, 2023

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Telenet reaches an agreement regarding the provision of Internet and television on the Orange network in Wallonia | internal

Telenet and Orange have signed a new agreement that will give them access to each other’s fixed network for fifteen years, according to the two telecom companies’ report. Telenet can now sell fixed internet and TV throughout Wallonia for the first time. Although the European Commission still has to give the green light.

The deal is a new step in a comprehensive redesign of the Belgian telecoms landscape. At the end of 2021, Orange signed an agreement with Li├Ęge Intermunicipal Company Nethys to acquire Walloon VOO telecom operator. Then Orange beat Telenet, among others.

This acquisition is not yet complete. After all, the European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation because it is afraid of restricting competition. The implementation of the network transaction concluded by Telenet and Orange is now dependent on the successful completion of the acquisition of VOO.

But when the light finally turns green, Telenet will have access to the VOO / Orange network in Wallonia and Brussels. Such an arrangement is not exceptional: on the contrary, Orange has been offering internet and television on Telenet cable in Flanders since 2016. Telenet was forced to open its infrastructure by the government, which wanted to bring more competition to the market. This agreement will now last for fifteen years through a wholesale trade agreement. Telenet and Orange immediately give access to the fiber optic networks they want to deploy.

fixed services

For example, after losing VOO, Telenet still has access to the entire broadband market in southern Belgium. Through acquisitions, Mechelen has already expanded its network in recent years with parts of Brussels and an area in Hainaut. Telenet also already has a mobile telephone network (BASE) in Wallonia. Soon it will be able to roll out the same fixed and mobile services all over Belgium.

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Telenet CEO John Porter aims for a market share of about 10 percent in the medium term for fixed services in the south of the country, he said. The report says the trade strategy is already well developed. It is scheduled to be released early next year.