March 28, 2023

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Bitcoin price hike results in 44,000 new millionaires in 2023

Many people are still convinced that we are in a bear market. Many encryption Investors have been hit hard in the past year by ever-declining prices. In the first weeks of 2023, many prices appeared, including prices bitcoin (BTC), has risen sharply again and this means that a large group of bitcoin millionaires has been added. This is evidenced by the data from

The number of bitcoin millionaires has grown sharply

There are currently 67,598 BTC addresses worth more than $1 million. This is much more than at the beginning of this month, on January 5 there were only 24,279. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin price It rose sharply by no less than 37% to be exact.

of dates CoinMetrics It turns out that this figure rose sharply in one day, namely from January 13 to 14. Before and after that, the number of wallet addresses over $1 million in BTC has not changed. So that’s an increase of 178% in a very short time.

Moreover, this increase is mainly limited to titles between $1 million and $10 million. The number of titles worth $100,000 to $1 million increased just 28.9%, to 281,743. This is less than the price increase, which means there are now fewer whales by that specific amount.

wNot buying hales yet?

The number of BTC addresses above $10 million grew by 29.6% to 4,932. At the same time, the number of addresses measured at 100,000 bitcoins or more did not increase, which is reflected in the growth rate mentioned above.

Bitcoin addresses with smaller amounts also show lower growth. The number of addresses between $1,000 and $10,000 in Bitcoin only increased by 16%, which means that investors in this category are more likely to sell their cryptocurrencies than hold HODLing.

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