May 28, 2024

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Tens of thousands of healthcare workers have been laid off in the US

Tens of thousands of healthcare workers have been laid off in the US

Kaiser employees in Los Angeles

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In the United States, about 75,000 health care workers have stopped work for three days. A strike has been called at Kaiser Permanente, a nonprofit that 13 million Americans rely on.

Workers are striking for higher wages and greater protection against outsourcing. They point to, among other things, high inflation. According to the union, it is the largest strike ever in the US health care industry.

The union has announced walkouts in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Kaiser expects healthcare centers to remain open, but warns of long wait times. Doctors will continue to work. Kaiser wants to ease the pain by hiring on-call workers en masse.

Strike in auto sector too

There have been major strikes across many sectors in the US this year, fueled by high inflation and delayed wage increases. And fear of automation also plays a role.

In the auto industry, about 25,000 workers at manufacturers GM, Ford and Stellantis are currently on strike. Hollywood was also affected by the actors and writers strike. The last group is now back to work.

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