October 7, 2022

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Teylingen evaluation price for care groups |  bulb area radio

Teylingen evaluation price for care groups | bulb area radio

Left to right: Alderman Arno van Kempen, Mr. Jaap van Riet, Mr. Frans Sonneveld, Mayor Karla Breuer (Photo: Sven van der Vlugt).

Teylingen – The 2021 Teylingen Municipality Evaluation Award is for Zorggroep Voorhout-Warmond and Zorggroep Sassenheim. This was announced by Mayor Karla Breuer and local council member Arno van Kempen on Tuesday. The award was presented digitally to Frans Sonnefeld and Jaap van Riet from both organizations. Care groups are alliances of medical services. They are very active in the time of Corona. They also explicitly seek cooperation with the municipality and its partners. For example, there is an extensive collaboration with Welzijn Teylingen on positive health. The Evaluation Prize is awarded annually to a company, organization or person that puts Teylingen on the map in a special way or through an original initiative. The evaluation price consists of a glass image in which a 3D laser engraving has been made. The statue features a bulb basket, as an expression of the bulb culture that associates with Teylingen. The arms of the three villages are on the basket, topped with the Tillingen coat of arms.

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