April 16, 2024

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Thai testing is stressful

Thai testing is stressful

Titus, Olga, Lisa, Dan and Sirin are still competing for victory in “Celebrity MasterChef Vlaanderen”. They are given a lot of heat when they have to serve Thai cuisine on their plates. No picnic!

And then there were still five of them! Week after week, famous faces were forced to leave the “Celebrity MasterChef Vlaanderen” kitchen. Titus, Olga, Lisa, Dan, and Siren They're still around, but the question is who will die this time? It's going to be a spicy episode, and you can take that literally this time, because Thai cuisine is a staple.

Nourish the soul

One by one, the participants are obsessed with Thai cuisine, but they openly admit that they have never dared to try it themselves. “In Thai it means to eat or take away,” says Titus. “But it's not something I'm good at.” Dan had also never set it up before, although as a novice it certainly didn't shock him. Fortunately, they had help from head chef Dokkoon Kapueak, the only star Thai chef in the Benelux region.

Olga and Serene are very excited. “African cuisine, Asian cuisine, cuisine from far away places… I always feel that it feeds not only my stomach, but also my soul,” the latter says. Candidates with the best versions of the typical Thai dish can breathe a sigh of relief. For others, the dreaded cooking and going out awaits…

“Celebrity MasterChef Vlaanderen” can be watched every Monday and Wednesday at 9:15pm on Play4.

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