February 1, 2023

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‘It’s not okay how we got fired’: Gina-Lisa candid about separation | BV

BVRecently it became known that Gina Lisa (50 years old) – just like dozens of other colleagues – was fired from the VRT. And in a way that the previous presenter did not find natural. That’s why she blew her heart out to De Morgen. “This. Can. Fact. No,” she says.

“I’ve been working at VRT for 22 years, it’s always been a safe haven where I can develop my talents. Unfortunately, the company no longer sees my options. VRT is no longer the same company it was when I started. Many new people started, which led to a different culture and goals Different have different expectations,” says Gina Lisa.

She also scolds the way she got her secretions. According to Geena, the VRT team weren’t human enough in the round of eviction: “I’m amazed at the way I was singled out as a number when I was fired. This disappointed me. You can’t put together a parcel as a fairy tale, I understand that, but this coldness and this detachment , I did not expect that “. For example, her exit interview only lasted fifteen minutes. “I was told there was not enough work for me. I understand that. But a cold message followed: From tomorrow you don’t have to come anymore. I no longer have to finish the current tasks,” she tells De Morgen.

Work as a coach

Despite being a familiar face, Geena Lisa hasn’t been seen on TV for several years. Eight years ago she gave her life a completely different turn by ending her radio and presenting career. “I could really kiss the people at VRT who then trained me to become a recognized trainer and gave me the opportunity to take on this new role. I wanted to give the screen faces the support I had been missing.”

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look. Gina Lisa talks about being a VRT instructor.

Over the years, Gina Lisa has trained many young talents at the VRT Academy. This is a one-year course. “In the past year, I have taken Gloria Monserez, Aaron Plumert, Robin Kaert, Dorian Aussims and Kawthar Ihlaloch under my wing,” said de Morgen.

She had no idea what would happen to that academy now. She is not allowed to continue the project during her notice period. But Gina Lisa shares with me that it was an emotional goodbye: “It was so touching how those guys held me when I got fired. They said ‘no,’ ‘Mama can’t leave.’” Though I was also thinking: I know I’m too old to be your mom, But do you have to stress that now? When I see Gloria or Aaron shine now at the VTM, my mom is so proud.”

way out of VRT

De Morgen has also been informed by Gina that she plans to give more lectures, coaching and courses on wellbeing at work in the near future. “I am also a cognitive behavioral coach, a narcissist coach, and a career coach. The week I was laid off, my publisher told me that the book “Positive Intelligence,” which I co-wrote with Isabel Hubrechts, was a bestseller. So more than five thousand copies were sold This reinforced my conviction: I will find my way further outside of VRT.”

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