April 22, 2024

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That equal was killed in the name of Sharia law

How much is it Equal A particular political party must still be there before calling things by their name without seeking out absurd, deceptive, credible users who do not take reality into account.

Saman Abbas disappeared, or was killed, because he started someone after the shameful silence, not because he killed the woman, but because he wanted to live in Saman Abbas’ view, he wanted to live in the West, but the promised bride. She rebelled.

Saman Abbas is not alone. They are victims of the husband Masters, Slaves of extremists Islamic. Daughters of master fathers, wives of men with many wives. They are the mothers of those daughters, and they will be the victims. There is a whole level of horror behind the female universe conceived by violent Islam.

In Afghanistan, women are forced to live in cloth sacks, where in Italy the niqab, which many claim is a symbol of solidarity and respect for other cultures, reveals only the eyes. There are also women in Italy who want to end it rather than condemn the wives of those who are destined for them. In Italy women are killed, tortured, and raped with their hands and eyes. Or the ancestors would be taken away by tribal rituals, put into practice by those who abused them, and then left there to die. Cut them into pieces. He took them out. When he cut off the animals he cut off their stomachs.

Pamela Mastrophio Killed by a Nigerian on January 30, 2018, his body was found mutilated in two suitcases. Desiri Mariotini, 16, drug, rape, rape. They lined up to tear her body. When they saw that she was no longer giving any signs of life, they died right there.

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Two women affected by the same hand: Unrestricted immigration.

Rachida Roddy Instead, the 35-year-old Egyptian is part of a series of honor killings. She wanted to integrate, became closely associated with Christianity, but in 2011 her husband was struck by death for living in the West. He broke her skull.

Hina Saleem, Pakistan, born 1985, stabbed to death by relatives on August 11, 2006 because he did not want to conform to the traditional uses of his native culture. She was murdered and buried in the garden of her home in Prussia. When they saw her, she turned her head towards Mecca, her body covered in a shield.

Sana Tafani, Of Moroccan descent, was stabbed to death by his father in the jungle while he was with his Italian boyfriend in Porton. Tradition does not allow one to live without being married to a man.

South Alloy Instead it disappeared in 2018. There are many more. They are beautiful, sunny, radiant women with bright and radiant eyes. Their mistakes: refusing to wear Islamic veils, dressing in western style, smoking some cigarettes, taking some selfies, wearing jeans, dating non-Muslim friends, reading or reading “unclean” books, listening to music or wanting to divorce , To be very free, liberated. Contempt for family.

This is happening in Italy and elsewhereEurope. Sohan Bensien He was tortured and burned alive in France on October 4, 2002. They set it on fire lightly. People are watching his death. He is 17. In Sweden By Badim Sahindal He was shot because he was close to Western culture. He was killed by his father after a secret meeting with his mother and two sisters, and was banned from seeing him. He died at the hands of his mother. He was expelled from his family four years ago for an affair with a young Swedish-Iranian. They made a book for us.

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The Defender Sahind, 26, “paid the highest price for loving the wrong man and challenging the patriarchal values ​​of his culture.” Instead, she was told that the important thing was to go to Turkey and get married. She grew up under the control of her father and brother. ” Hesu Yones, Iraqi Kurd, very handsome, they cut their throats because she had a Christian boyfriend. He was 16. According to the father, the daughter had become very “Westernized” and was in a relationship against his orders. Rukshana Nass In London, until 1998, he was killed for refusing a consensual marriage. He is 19 years old.

Not to mention master fathers who keep their wives separated at home, beat them, rape them, and disagree that their daughters can graduate.

This phenomenon is called domestic violence for the deaf Sharia. Leftists call killing a woman.