March 4, 2024

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It contains an “attack” photo. Executed in Saudi Arabia

Mustafa al-Darwish, 26, has been in prison in Saudi Arabia since childhood. 17 years, Is accused of storing it on his cell phone Photo “Attack. The boy was beheaded despite the Riyadh government’s recent promise not to impose the death penalty on offenders who end up on trial for crimes committed while they were girls. Family members of the victim say they only learned of Mustafa’s execution from online news.

basically Evidence Presented by the victim’s relatives, he was first arrested by state police in 2015 on the island of Dorat in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, on charges of involvement, between 2011 and 2012. Demonstrations Under the protection of the existing Shiite minority in the eastern part of the Islamic State. Participating in these riots of the Arab Spring lost the boy the charge of “attempting to destroy national unity by participating in more than 10 uprisings”. Despite the severity of the charge, the young man was immediately released by state authorities, but his release did not last long.

Mustafa will soon return to prison because of a photo found on his mobile phone by Saudi security forces, who confiscated the device from him before releasing him; The agents considered a specific image stored in the memory of the accused’s mobile phone against themselves and the government, which prompted the latter to re-arrest and at the same time reopen the prison doors. After this second imprisonment, because of a photo, Mustafa will be behind bars inside Death Penalty, For six years, until his latest beheading.

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During this time in prison, relatives of the victim reported that he would have been subjected Brutal investigations, In which he would have been stunned until he lost consciousness several times, and would have admitted that he was a dangerous conspirator to prevent violence against him. His conspiracy led to Mustafa’s emergency execution for extorting money.

The news of the young man’s execution plunged his family into complete anguish, and he commented on the story with the following heartfelt words: “How can they hang a person because they have a photo on their phone? Since his arrest, we know nothing but torture. It was a living death for the whole family“What has angered both the relatives of the condemned man and the human rights NGOs is that the Riyadh government has been beheaded for the past five years. Promised again and again, Before the members of the United Nations, any person detained for crimes committed at an early age should not be hanged.