February 20, 2024

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'That final was really scandalous': Philip Gilbert criticizes the final in Dunkirk |  Four days from Dunkirk

‘That final was really scandalous’: Philip Gilbert criticizes the final in Dunkirk | Four days from Dunkirk

Arne Marit was already embroiled in the trap that cost Arnaud de Les a continuation of yesterday’s four-day rallies. Despite having scratches all over his body, the Sport Vlaanderen rider started again today.

But on turning the local lap at Maubeuge, Marit fell again, after which he threw in the towel. “Especially his knee injury worries us,” says sports director Hans de Klerk.

“That final was really scandalous,” says Philip Gilbert (Loto Soudal). “Here and there was high stitching and the road was littered with all sorts of things. Even before we even started the local lap there was already a crash.”

Gilbert wrote on Instagram of the frustrations: “It was so serious, it’s a shame. The UCI should have the course approved by an independent body so this doesn’t happen again. Our safety depends on it. We as passengers can no longer wait for responses The act is too slow.”

Gilbert observed himself several times in his last four days of Dunkirk in the first two days. “I’m feeling good. I’m not sick either. I can breathe normally again. That was two to three months ago. Mont Castle on Saturday? We’ll see. I feel really good.”

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