January 29, 2023

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The absent queen addresses Prince Charles' climate summit

The absent queen addresses Prince Charles’ climate summit

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is hoping world leaders will unite at the International Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow and show “real statesmanship”. She stated this in a video message that was recorded a few days ago at Windsor Castle. She also praised her eldest son and grandson for their climate activism and the Queen said: “I am very proud.”

The 95-year-old would have liked to be in Glasgow in person, but had to cancel the trip due to medical reasons. That’s why I sent a video message. In it, she also paid tribute to her husband Prince Philip, who passed away in April and was an ardent climate activist.

Crown Prince Charles is also known for his commitment to the climate. He was present in Glasgow on Monday at the start of the summit. As he walked on the platform to deliver the conference’s opening speech, the prince stumbled briefly on the stairs. But he recovered quickly and, in his address, signaled to world leaders the overwhelming responsibility that lay on their shoulders.

Not everything went according to US President Biden’s plan when he appeared to be cloudy in Glasgow for some time:

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