February 26, 2024

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The amazing rock flower discovered by the Curiosity rover

The amazing rock flower discovered by the Curiosity rover

NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft has photographed a ‘rocky flower’ on Mars. It will be due to the presence of sulfate-saturated water.

certainly His Twitter account Mars probe Curiosity announced its discovery at 1Fresh Around 2 a.m. in March: “I discovered this beautiful, fragile, and small feature using a handheld painter (MAHLI). It is a concrete material eroded by sedimentary rocks cemented together by mineral-rich groundwater. It is only 1 cm long.”

Thanks to the on-board development process, MAHLI is at the end of the roving robotic arm Curiosity ofHe managed to convey such clichés. Two to eight images were taken and then stitched together. A 3D video was created to represent this discovery.

rock like “rose sand”

This agglomeration (an accumulation of solid particles) will be due in part to the presence of sulfate-saturated water, as detailed Futura Science† This mineral formation may be the terrestrial counterpart of ‘Sandros’, which is generally found in the desert. It is formed by the crystallization of gypsum, a mineral mainly derived from the gypsum industry.

The cart of curiosity charged by NASA on Mars in 2012, as part of a mission called the Mars Science Laboratory. The spacecraft is constantly collecting data on the composition of minerals so that people can better understand the history of the Red Planet.