December 8, 2022

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The American aviation renaissance is attracting foreign pilots

In the United States, airlines are looking for a greater number of pilots. Currently there is a huge shortage of flight attendants as the sector is showing signs of revival after the Corona crisis. This was reported by the Reuters news agency. More and more foreign pilots are applying to fill the vacancies. However, this was met with opposition from the American unions, who hoped they could find enough candidates in their own country.

“U.S. immigration experts are getting questions from pilots from countries still recovering from the impact of the corona virus crisis,” Reuters noted. “It could offer some relief to U.S. aviation, but it’s having trouble rebuilding enough capacity after a two – year decline.


“While in the United States Great shortage of pilots Many colleagues in other parts of the world could not find work, “said Ana Barbara Schaffert, a consultant with AG Immigration Group.

The consultant will also review the credentials of more than 2,000 foreign pilots seeking to immigrate to the United States. Before the spread of the corona infection, that number was 90 percent higher than it was three years ago.

According to United Airlines American aircraft With a shortage of many more years Faced by pilots. “The United States can supply 7,000 new pilots,” a spokesman for the airline said.

“However, American airlines need 13,000 more pilots this year. Demand will increase further next year. However, limited training skills, among other things, are a barrier to developing adequate pilots.

Many airlines have canceled a number of flights due to a shortage of pilots. In order to keep the problem within limits, the offer of airlines is often limited. The deficit in regional airlines is even worse, having to deal with the rapidly growing revenue above all because their pilots are being bought by big airlines where they can count on higher pay.

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“This has sparked interest from pilots from Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia, where aviation has largely failed to report a definitive recovery,” Reuters noted. “There are also questions from Russian pilots. Above all, their companies have been hit hard by Western sanctions.

Labor unions

Foreign pilots in the United States must prove to immigration officials that a permanent residence permit will contribute to the national economy. However, Schaffert says more than 90 percent of applications for experienced foreign pilots have been approved.

But there has also been strong opposition from local unions. In fact, they believe airlines should make more efforts to facilitate access to careers for domestic workers, including reducing training costs.

Many regional airlines and budget carriers may invite Australian pilots to apply for a special visa. Asks Faye Malarki Black, president of the Regional Airline Association Other foreign pilots Would be eligible for such a visa. “That way, the employee can already alleviate part of the problem,” Black argues.

Many U.S. pilots face a heavier workload due to a lack of co-workers. Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines pilots have already expressed their dissatisfaction with this in campaigns.