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The bag everyone should have now?  It will cost you less than 15€ |  Fashion beauty

The bag everyone should have now? It will cost you less than 15€ | Fashion beauty

For the it-bag of 2023, you won’t have to dig deep into your bag for the first time. Unlike previous years, the bag everyone wants is affordable and we have it for sale in different colors. Why has this “simple” bag suddenly become so popular?

In every fashion year there is a “handbag”. A bag much loved by celebrities, influencers, and fashionistas, and at a hefty price tag. Last year, everyone had to get their hands on Prada’s 2000 Re-Nylon Re-Edition mini bag, which I offered for less than €1,000.

Another favorite was the 1DR handbag from Diesel, for which I paid between 500 and 700 euros, depending on the fabric and finish. So the big chains have always seen their chance to make affordable versions of the “bag” to their hearts’ content.

The most affordable bag ever

But the bag for 2023? In stark contrast to previous years, it’s particularly affordable. Fashionistas from all over the world flock to Uniqlo’s small round shoulder bag, also known as the “moon bag” due to its crescent shape.

It’s a sleeker version of the well-known belt bag we’ve seen popping up again in recent years. Handy is that you can hang the little bag around you and you can store a surprising amount in it, as well as your house keys, lip gloss, and wallet. From a bottle of water to a book. In addition, the accessory is made of water-repellent fabric, so the rain won’t bother you.

Satchel Available in seven different colours And for less than €15 you can call it yours. At this price, it may be the most affordable bag ever. The fashion platform Lyst also confirms that the bag is very popular. This has been the go-to for trend charting for several years now. With over 200 million skiers every year, they know very well what’s going on.

The platform publishes a quarterly overview of the fashion items that surfers searched for the most, called the “Lyst Index”. Usually, these are brands of a certain standard—with corresponding prices, of course—and this year is no different.

These are the other most requested items for 2023

Remarkably, the cheapest item in the top ten, the UNIQLO bag, takes the top spot. Followed in the top four are Rick Owens’ expensive Kriester sunglasses, which you pay €635 for, the Skims suit for €70 and the sly MSCHF shoes, which cost around €400. Other affordable items on the menu are Adidas Gazelle Sneakers (€129) and Weekday Astro Loose Baggy Jeans (€60).

The best products in the first quarter of 2023 according to Lyst. © Menu

According to Lyst, the UNIQLO bag is by far the cheapest item out of the top 10, let alone number one. And the social medium TikTok has something to do with that. On the video platform, the hashtag #uniqlobag has been viewed 88 million times. No wonder the bag has already sold out so many times. Fortunately, you can buy it back from us in the meantime, even at Four different versions of Keith Haring.

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Below you can already see how fans design the accessory.

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