June 18, 2024

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The City Packer looms twenty years after Eurovision

The City Packer looms twenty years after Eurovision

Packer is a member of the Reference Group, International Festival Council. “This year was the last for me,” he told the Afghan National Police. But the Eurovision Song Contest is a bit like Hotel California: “You can check in, but you can never leave.” “

Over the years, Bakker has been Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and Supervisor of the Adult Edition event. The highlight for him was the position of executive producer in Rotterdam.

“We were then able to put on a great Eurovision Song Contest, at a difficult time. And after you take over the organisation, you can work on the International Board for another two years and then this contest is over. That’s part of it,” Bakker looks back. He is now the program director of the Amsterdam Municipality to celebrate the 750th anniversary of Amsterdam. “I have a pretty different challenge and that’s where all the energy from Monday will go.”

Next year, Bakker sees the opportunity to see the Eurovision Song Contest again on television. “Nice at home on your own couch, with a beer. As intended indeed. Or maybe I’ll buy a ticket. I’ve never been in the room during a live show.”

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