March 5, 2024

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The court deals with the murder of Dutch crime journalist Peter R.  De Vries |  outside

The court deals with the murder of Dutch crime journalist Peter R. De Vries | outside

The two men who allegedly carried out the assassination attempt, Kamel E. and Delano J., almost immediately after the attack. Life imprisonment had already been sought against them in the summer of 2022, but the investigation was reopened shortly before the ruling was issued after the Dutch Public Prosecution presented a new witness.

This witness, referred to as No. 5.089 or Eddie, is said to have been a friend of the alleged murder fixer Christian M, and to have received information from him about the murder. The statements of No. 5,089 mean, among other things, that Redouane Taghi should be considered the person who ordered the killing of De Vries. Taghi has previously rejected this accusation. He is not a suspect in this case, but is involved in a large-scale Marengo liquidation. He demanded life imprisonment against him.

In addition to the alleged perpetrators and an intermediary, the men who, according to the prosecutor's office, passed by after the shooting and photographed the seriously injured De Vries, are also on trial. These photos quickly appeared on social media and were shared en masse.

De Vries (64 years old) was shot on July 6, 2021 in central Amsterdam, after appearing on the TV show “RTL Boulevard.” He died nine days later from his wounds. De Vries was a close associate of Nabil B., the main witness in the Marengo trial, in which Redouane Taghi was the main suspect. In 2018, B.'s brother Redwan was killed. He was shot dead, and in 2019, his lawyer Dirk Wiersum was killed.

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look. Surveillance images show the moment before the attack on Peter R. De Vries

Eight days have been allocated to this case. Judging requirements will come next week. The ruling is expected in June.