October 4, 2023

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The difference between Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2: which one to choose?

The difference between Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2: which one to choose?

This time last year, Apple surprised us with the Apple Watch Ultra: a powerful, advanced version of the regular Apple Watch, designed specifically for adventurers and endurance athletes. The watch was distinguished by its large, clear screen, multi-function action button, and specific sports functions. And now there is a second generation of this Apple Watch model. Apple Watch Ultra Vs. Apple Watch Ultra 2: what are the differences?

The difference between the Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2: It’s not huge

Do you have your first Apple Watch Ultra and are wondering if you should switch to the Ultra 2? We can sum it up: don’t do it. Apple has made some improvements, but nothing earth-shattering. Even persistent rumors of adding a second color – dark titanium – turned out to be untrue.

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When should you pick up the new Apple Watch Ultra 2?

A small upgrade, but still: definitely an upgrade. And if you’re buying an Ultra for the first time, this could make a big difference. These are the reasons you should buy the Apple Watch Ultra 2:

1) You want a brighter screen

You have nothing to complain about brightness with the first Apple Watch Ultra. With a brightness of up to 2000 nits, the screen is still easy to read in full sunlight. But Apple has now increased that number to 3,000 nits. If you regularly use your watch as a baking torch, this is of course ideal.

2) You want to use your watch hands-free

double click

The new Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 have a new trick: double tap. You can operate the hours by tapping your thumb and index finger together twice. This way you can answer a call, pause music and much more. Useful when your hands are full.

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3) You want the latest chip

The Ultra 2 has an S9 chip that’s based on the iPhone’s A15 chip. A big jump in speed and performance compared to the previous S8 chip, which is based on the A13 chip. This chip makes the aforementioned “double-click” possible. You’ll also likely receive watchOS updates for longer on the Ultra 2.

The S9 is also equipped with a second-generation Ultra Wideband chip, just like the new iPhone 15: if you lose your devices, you can easily locate them.

4) You want longer battery life

Both Apple Watch Ultra models last about 36 hours with normal use. If you want to stretch this a bit, you can activate the power saving mode. The original Ultra lasts 60 hours, the second generation 72 hours: three full days!

5) You need more storage

Not defined

6) You are concerned about the environment

One titanium not the same: Apple used 95% recycled titanium in Apple Watch Ultra 2, but no recycled titanium was used in the first Apple Watch Ultra. The Apple Watch Ultra 2, with select bands, is CO2 neutral: this relates to the new Alpine and Trail bands. in This pdf Read more about how Apple is handling this.

Apple Watch Ultra price

The new Apple Watch Ultra 2 has an introductory price of €899. This is a hundred euros less than the introductory price of the first Apple Watch Ultra at the time, which was 999 euros. The original Ultra is no longer on sale at Apple, but in many other web stores, yes – and the price there is currently less than 800 euros. Read also: Apple Watch Ultra price drops below €800: find the deal here.

The difference between the Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2: Conclusion

If you have the original Ultra, we certainly won’t be switching just yet. If you’re looking to buy an Ultra for the first time, we’d definitely consider buying the first one, given the low prices. Because in short: the second one is a little brighter and can be operated hands-free.

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