February 27, 2024

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The Elder Scrolls Online is heading to the West Weald this year

The Elder Scrolls Online is heading to the West Weald this year

ZeniMax Online Studios has plans for that The Elder Scrolls Online Proposed for 2024. The game will get a new expansion this year called Gold Road.

Gold Road will be released on June 3 for PC and Mac and on June 18 for PlayStation and Xbox. In the expansion, you'll travel to the West Weald, an area north of Cyrodiil. You can visit the city of Skingrad, which was also present in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

Just like in previous expansions, a main story is presented that lasts approximately 30 hours. This time it's all about the Daedric Prince Italia and his followers.

You'll also find a new world event in the West Weald in the form of the Mirrormoor Incursions. In it you must prevent the Daedra from conquering the world. There will also be a new experience called Fargrave's Lucent Citadel with challenging content for twelve players.

Finally, Gold Road also introduces a new profession called Scribing. You will learn Grimoires, which are new skills that you can add to your existing skill lines.

The Elder Scrolls Online is blowing out ten candles this year. A complete overview of all the content that has been added over the years can be found in our review of The Elder Scrolls Online with all expansions.

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