April 15, 2024

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The farmer's widow Charles has plans for his estate: 'I want to open my domain to people' |  Television

The farmer’s widow Charles has plans for his estate: ‘I want to open my domain to people’ | Television

How’s Farmer Charles’ farm doing in the meantime? His widow Vera wants to open up the neighborhood and turn it into a cozy petting zoo. Paul Jambers visited “Jambers – Back to 90’s,” which can be seen on VTM and VTM GO.


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Paul Jumpers (77) has submitted hundreds of reports, but none is more famous than his portrait of farmer Charyl. In an episode about lonely farmers, Jumpers visits the lonely person in his yard in Lottenhall and what he finds belongs to collective memory in the blink of an eye. Charyl has lived on his parents’ farm where he hasn’t changed since he was born in 1930. Don’t forget the photos in which a 65-year-old farmer bakes a pan of eggs while his cats eat them, or how he laughs as he bares his teeth when he talks about his great love that his father wouldn’t allow him to marry from him.

See some photos from the legendary report here:

Born in 2013, Karel Dilerk passed away, but in his latest “Jambers back to the 90s” work, the reporter is back to have a conversation with his widow Vera Schouppe, 59. He provided him with never-before-seen photos from her personal archive showing, among other things, his last days in the hospital. The chatty smiling face weakened to the point that he could hardly frown. “He died while I was holding him,” Vera told Jumpers. “I still think about him a lot.”

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See photos from their wedding here:

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Farmer Charles in the concerned Jumpers Report (left) and widow Vera and Paul Jumpers today (right). © VTM