March 25, 2023

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The German Federal Council unanimously approves the new Corona abroad law

The German Federal Council unanimously approves the new Corona abroad law

The Bundestag had already approved an alternative law to the country’s coronavirus measures on Thursday. The law, which constitutes the legal basis for the Corona measures, will expire next Thursday.

The Federal Council, led by outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, is dominated by the Christian Democrats, which is the representation of state governments. They harshly criticized the law in parliament on Thursday before it was passed. The legislation wouldn’t go far enough, but a compromise has now been reached. The law must be evaluated within three weeks and amended if necessary.

With the current Corona measures emergency law, the closure of shops, schools and restaurants, for example, can be ordered. This possibility is not reflected in the new law. However, Corona Corridor can be introduced in workplaces and on public transport, which means that people must be vaccinated, treated or tested.

This law is the first of Germany’s supposed new government. Coalition talks between the Social Democratic Party (centre left), the Climate Green Party and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) are at an advanced stage. They want to present their coalition agreement next week.

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