April 16, 2024

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The Google Search app on Samsung Galaxy tablets is getting better and better

The Google Search app on Samsung Galaxy tablets is getting better and better

Google continues to improve its search app and is doing so this week by improving it on Samsung tablets. Using Google Search on the Galaxy Tablet gets even better with a new navigation bar on the right side of the homepage. This way you can view more content within Google Discover and get to the result you were looking for sooner.

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Books Google search has been improved on all Android tablets SamMobile. The unfortunate thing is that the Material You MD3 design wasn’t chosen, so the app doesn’t quite blend in with the rest of your Android devices. You can see that the Discover, Search and Collections icons have not yet been provided with a disc-shaped cursor and that the tab you are on is not highlighted in gray, but in blue. The three icons aren’t at the top or bottom: they’re where you normally use your thumb along with the thumb Waved.

The advantage is that you can access the most important factors in Google search very quickly. User experience is even more important on a large screen like that of a tablet. We understand that Google initially focused on that, rather than making sure the app fits the new Material You design (something it did recently with Google Weather).

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Google probably won’t really “play” Material You on tablets until it releases its first Pixel tablet in 2023. We’ve seen plenty of teasers for the smartphone-laptop hybrid, but when it will show up is still unknown. We wouldn’t be surprised if Google saved this launch to impress people with its modern material design. Especially if it is released first on the Pixel and then on other tablets later, this could give a huge boost to Pixel Tab sales.

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curious? You’ll find the improvements in the beta version of the Google app (build number 13.46).

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Do you think Google should rush new design for existing tablets, or do you understand if the brand would rather wait until its own tablet release? Share your thoughts in the comments on this article.