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Did you buy an Apple Watch?  You must have these five apps

Did you buy an Apple Watch? You must have these five apps

You probably bought your Apple Watch around Black Friday or before the holidays. But now that you have a smartwatch, which apps should you install first? We have 5 tips for you!

Once you have an Apple Watch Sold (Or got better) We can imagine the App Store can get a little overwhelming. That is why we have listed five useful apps for you.

Apple Watch apps: From better health tips to rain tips

Of course there are specific applications for many applications. It is often more than one. Anyway, these are good apps that cover the simplest things.

#1 Rain Radar on Apple Watch

Buienradar is without a doubt one of the best inventions ever. There is something magical about the fact that we can expect it to rain right up to the minute. And this charm on your wrist is the perfect combination.

rain radar
Almost indispensable. (photo: Apple)

#2 Apple’s Home app

Apple has an excellent app called Home. This can be found on your phone (you have to scroll down) on your screen. On the Apple Watch, it can be found among your apps.
With Home, you can easily connect a variety of smart devices, such as lights, thermostat, or TV. You can then turn it on with your watch.

#3 Cheat sheet

If you are also forgetful, this is a perfect app. With Cheatsheet, you can easily take notes. You can’t type whole pieces of text, but it’s useful for remembering passwords, for example.

#4 Stockard

This is a very useful app if you have many loyalty cards, such as discount cards. With Stocard, you can save them all in the app so you don’t forget them. Simply scan the correct card at checkout and pay with Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.

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#5 Run a bouncer

If you’ve taken an Apple Watch to track your athletic performance, Runkeeper is perfect. It is probably the most popular sports app on the App Store. All workouts such as walking, running and cycling are accurately tracked.

Run the guard
Perfect for doing sports. (photo: Apple)

These are all apps that we highly recommend if you are the happy owner of a new Apple Watch. over here Do you think Other great tips.

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But we’re missing the most important one: which sleep app?

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Did you buy an Apple Watch? You must have these five apps